ICDT Invited Lecture

We are pleased to announce this year's ICDT Invited Lecture speaker: Nicole Schweikardt.


Using locality for efficient query evaluation in various computation models

Nicole Schweikardt

Humboldt-University Berlin

Nicole Schweikardt

Abstract. In the database theory and logic literature, different notions of locality of queries have been studied, the most prominent being Hanf locality and Gaifman locality. These notions are designed so that, in order to evaluate a local query in a given database, it suffices to look only at small neighbourhoods around tuples of elements that belong to the database.

In this talk I want to give a survey of how to use locality for efficient query evaluation in various computation models. In particular, we will take a closer look at how to enumerate query results with constant delay, and at how to evaluate queries in a map-reduce like setting or in Pregel. Also, we will have a closer look at how to transform a given local query into a form suitable for exploiting its locality.

 Bio.Nicole Schweikardt received her PhD from Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz (2002). She was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Edinburgh (2002-2003) and Humboldt-University Berlin (2003-2007), and a professor at Goethe-University Frankfurt (2007-2014). Since 2014, she is a full professor at Humboldt-University Berlin, heading the logic in computer science group. Her main research interests are in logic, database theory, and complexity theory; in particular in the complexity of processing massive datasets, efficient query evaluation, and the expressivity and complexity of query languages and logics.